Italiaanse Ijssalon Nino, Paul Krügerstraat 97 / A, 3072 GD Rotterdam

Italian quality, tradition and liking in Rotterdam, Ijssalon by Nino


For a good ice cream are essential raw materials such as milk, fresh cream, dextrose, sugar, fresh fruit. Dont't to overlook the machinery with which to pasteurize and stir everything.

For 25 years the Ijssalon Nino uses only all of the subsidiary and high quality, works with the best Italian partners both in terms of the semi-finished ice cream parlor that for machinery.

Elenka, Carpigiani, Isa, are just some of the partners who collaborate daily to the success of Ice Nino!

The ice cream Ijssalon Nino is a homemade ice cream; pasteurized whipped in our laboratories. In our ice cream there are no chemical additives, hydrogenated fats, dyes and preservatives.


We have a vast assortment of flavors that change periodically for you to enjoy other experiences, without forgetting the classic flavors such as hazelnut, lemon, coffee or good chocolate.

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